14.01.2019 – Adding new colours…

A new plugin by ARTURIA called PIGMENTS has arrived in our studios. This is a great synth with incredible modulation possibilities, anything goes with everything! We know there are way too many, but what the hell…

Arturia Pigments

12.03.2018 – The little beast again…

As an old time Roland user I really like this little synth. Although it is not analog, it sounds as if it was… and editing is a real fun! I made some gourgeous soundsets for it and now I got the LUFTRUM 6 Soundbank for Roland GAIA which includes some extraordinary strings.
I made a little 24 bar upload to Soundcloud coming from one of our new songs. It is just the Gaia strings with some deep bass from a Moog Sub-37 and a Roland TR-8 Hihat.

Feel free to listen here: Two Breaths

More info on the Luftrum sounds can be found here:
Luftrum Gaia Soundset


06.11.2017 – No Risk No Fun

Who knows how it works…? But then again, there is no fun without risk, and so we trust the beta and run our latest projects on it! And I must say it works great. It looks like a little update but the impact is really huge.



17.10.2017 – BFAM

Our favourite drummer the magical MPC has got a brother from another mother, the formidable Toontrack Superior Drummer 3. This will surely help us get over these misty autumn days reading the handbook by the fire 🙂


2017.10.03 – Knobs & Faders

You know we love knobs and faders as much as we like mice, but we have no idea how many there are in our two studios!
So maybe you can help us out and examine a small selection of our gear to win a CD.
Post the number of knobs and faders you see on the photo below on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/syntheziax/.

You can be the next happy owner of a rare original electronic music artwork Made in Luxembourg

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