22.07.2017 – Sampling Saturday…

30 years old and still working! Emulator EIIIXP, Akai S-900 and Roland S-770, these were the beasts back in the good old times, but I don’t think I will be really using them. Even if I watch all those videos from JunkieXL (https://youtu.be/OHeY2vv5HI8) I must say that I am not very into this old synth/sampler hype. I am pretty sure I can create the same sound with just a little help from my plugins.


19.06.2017 – New kid in town…

Four years after the legendary MPC Renaissance, changing our music style forever, I am switching from white to black, going to the new MPC LIVE. I just hope they don’t use Windows on it… Looking at my photo I am not quite sure yet! 🙂


10.06.2017 – Some guys have all the fun…

Today we’re in Live9 with this nice 24 track session view controlled by Push 1, Push 2 and TouchAble, a very nice constellation for creating the arrangement. No need to flip the pages! If only it could rain now… 😎


06.06.2017 – No cables!? wtf…

Who was talking about no more cables in the studio… 🙂

We think the best way to connect a good old synth without too much USB hassle is still MIDI. Recently we received an ALYSEUM U3-88c, a MIDI interface providing 8 MIDI In/Outs and 16 channels on each. Connects to USB-3 and is super tight! Nice thing is that you can switch on and off sync for every individual out in Live9. If you ever need a new MIDI interface, check it out here: Alyseum U3-88c.

And here is another nice tool, CopperLan free software, if you ever need to network computers: Copperlan

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