06.11.2015 – Download Cards

We have these nice DOWNLOAD CARDS for our album Layer 8. With the redeem code printed on it you can get our music off the CD Baby server for free!

If you want to be a sponsor supporting our Art and maybe need a very special gift for your customers, don’t hesitate to contact us (mpc@syntheziax.com).



14.10.2015 – Goldstream…

Not bad for one song streaming… thank you Apple !
I think this gets awesome (or maybe huge), if we reach a million streams.

Apple iTunes Match


12.10.2015 – Syntheziax in Télécran issue 42

Thank you, Mireille MEYER for this nice double page article in this week’s Télécran, issue 42, where you can read some interesting info about Syntheziax at work. (Text: Mireille MEYER, Photos: Gerry HUBERTY, Télécran 42)

Telecran 42 - Syntheziax

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